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Current version: 2.4.Frog-knows

Author: Riley Wilson ???

Based on: PC Angband 1.4.1

BAngband 2.4.Frog-knows
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code Riley Wilson ??? 630 kByte  

An old version that adds two new character classes, Monk and Dragon. Monks use "karate books". There is also a new shop in town and a new artifact was added.

Timed invisibility as a spell for Mages, Priests and Monks. Resist Death as a spell,

Extra +todam, resist fear/XP loss/blindness, extra blows/round with heavy weapons, all for Warriors.

Faster spell learning, extra +tohit, resist XP loss/pickpocket attack, extra blows/round with light weapons, all for Rogues.

Paladins are immune to poison.

Mages replaced with Wizards (leaving Rangers as the 1/2 magical 1/2 fighter class) who gain spells quickly, but cannot wield weapons.

Abilities Added: Dodging (toggle with ]), Two-Handed fighting (wield a light- weight weapon when aren't holding a shield), Magicity (innate magical abilities of each race and class that modify spell effectiveness).

Spell lists somewhat modified.

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