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Cthulhu Angband - CthAngband

Current version: 4.1.0 (22nd October 2000)

Original author: Dean Anderson

Current maintainer: David Thornley

Webpage: CthAngband home page

Based on: ZAngband 2.1.0e

CthAngband 4.1.0
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code (Mirror) David Thornley   22nd October 2000
Source code for Mac (Mirror) David Thornley   22nd October 2000
In CodeWarrior 4 format.
Mac (PPC) (Mirror) David Thornley   22nd October 2000
Mac (68k) (Mirror) David Thornley   22nd October 2000
Amiga (680x0) (Mirror) Bablos 725 kByte 22nd October 2000
MS-DOS (386 or better) (Mirror) Robert Rühlmann 1187 kByte 24th October 2000
Windows 95/98/NT (Mirror) Robert Rühlmann 972 kByte 24th October 2000
RISC OS (Mirror) Henry Helliwell 787 kByte 20th June 2002

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Cthulu-Angband has many monsters based on the books of H.P.Lovecraft. So be prepared to lose your sanity!

Changes in version 4.1.0

Changes in version 4.0.0

Changes in version 3.1.2

Changes in version 3.1.1

Changes in version 3.1.0:

Changes in version 3.0.1:

The changes from ZAngband 2.1.0 are:

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