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EyAngband - Eytan Zweig's Angband

Current version: 0.5.2 (27th January 2003)

Author: Eytan Zweig

Homepage: EyAngband homepage

Based on: Angband 2.9.3

EyAngband 0.5.2 (27th January 2003)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code (Mirror) Eytan Zweig 1339 kByte 27th January 2003
For compilation instructions see my Compile Page.
Windows (Mirror) Eytan Zweig 711 kByte 27th January 2003
no graphics support
Mac (PPC) (Mirror) Scot Meyer 1166 kByte 28th January 2003
Amiga (Mirror) Bablos 665 KByte 2nd March 2003
Linux (Mirror) Christian Schmidt 723 KByte 17th April 2003
Compiled with glibc-2.3.1; includes X11 support
RISC OS Antony Sidwell 648 kByte 20th July 2003
EyAngband 0.5.1 (31st December 2002)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Mac (68k) (Mirror) "pelpel" 671 kByte 1st January 2003
For 68020+. Modes available: ASCII and Sound
Mac (OS X) (Mirror) "pelpel" 654 kByte 1st January 2003
For OS X or OS 8/9 with CarbonLib (PPC only). Modes available: ASCII and Sound
EyAngband 0.4.6 (20th June 2002)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
MS-DOS (Mirror) Mario Feldberg 572 kByte 20th June 2002
EyAngband 0.2.2
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
OS/2 (Mirror) Skylar Thompson 1064 kByte 19th March 2001

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Differences between EyAngband and Angband

written by Eytan Zweig

1. New character races
EyAngband includes five new races:
2. Changes to character classes.
EyAngband modifies several of the character classes - mages and rangers both get considerably different spell selections, paladin's magical abilities have been rebalanced, and the rogue class has been totally removed. In addition, EyAngband offers three new character classes:
3. Changes to gameplay
EyAngband offers many changes to normal Angband gameplay. Highlights include the replacement of the "maximize" option with a "half-maximize" mode, where race stat bonuses are permanent but class bonuses only affect character birth, monsters that can now be poisoned or blinded, a "diseased" condition for players, more resistances, a separation of throwing and bow skills, player invisibility, inclusion of auto-squelching and the monster-list terminal patches, a bookshop for scrolls and spellbooks, artifact memory, and many interface changes.
4. Quests
EyAngband includes a new building - the adventurer's guild - where the player can receive random quests which can be completed for rewards.
5. New items and monsters
EyAngband includes nearly 120 more monsters and many more items, including over 30 new artifacts, than normal Angband. It includes new types of items, such as throwing powders, magical lanterns, and artifact spellbooks, which provide rare and very powerful spells. Also, the existing item list has been reworked so that there are far fewer useless items.
6. Alchemy
EyAngband allows players to mix potions to create new potions - a risk is involved, as the potions may explode, but with some luck the player can create powerful rare potions from cheap common ones.
7. More customizability
EyAngband offers customizable character classes through the new p_class.txt file, and customizable fixed quests through the quest.txt file.

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