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Install Angband

[Nazgul (12 kByte)] I often get questions from people with install problems. I've tried to cover the problems in my old Troubleshooting Page, but I think a general installation guide with support for all platforms would be better.

I can give help for installing Angband on DOS and Windows machines, but I need YOUR help for other systems.

If you have installed Angband and want to share your knowledge with others than send me an e-mail.


  1. Download Angband: Look at my Download or Variants Pages and select one of the versions for DOS.
  2. Opening the archive-file: If the filename ends with .zip download pkunzip.exe, if it ends with tar.gz or .tgz get untgz.exe and copy the program to the same directory as the Angband archive.
    The command to unpack the archive locks like this:
    pkunzip.exe -d angband.zip C:\Angband\
    or this
    untgz.exe angband.tgz
    Replace the name angband.zip or angband.tgz with the name of your Angband archive and type it. Example: If you've downloaded angband-291-dos.zip, type
    pkunzip.exe -d angband-291-dos.zip C:\Angband\
    This will create a Angband directory and place all the files from the archive into this directory.
  3. Try to run Angband: Change the current directory with
    and type
    You should see either an exe-file or another directory. If you see a file named ANGBAND.EXE or a similar run it with
    If you only see a directory, move to it with the CD command and repeat your search for the ANGBAND.EXE.
  4. Solve problems: If you have problems with Angband take a look at the Troubleshooting Page.


Using Adam Bolt's tiles

Various Amiga versions have support for Adam Bolt's tiles as optional feature. To use them you have to download the graphics patch (350 kByte) and dearchive it to xtra/gfx. Set ANGBAND.gfx to E in settings.prf to use them. For full 16x16 support, you need a suitably sized screen specified in the settings, along with a 16x16 font. If smaller settings are used, then the graphics are scaled down, hence they are useable on a standard HiRes screen with an 8x8 font. It's not as bad as you'd think...

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