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Current version: 2.1 "Combustible" (30th April 2001)

Maintainer: Ivan Tkatchev

Based on: KAngband

Homepage: KAmband Homepage

KAmband 2.1 "Combustible"
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code Ivan Tkatchev 1521 kByte 30th April 2001
For compilation instructions see my Compile Page.
OS/2 (Mirror) Skylar Thompson 4230 kByte 5th May 2001
Amiga (Mirror) Bablos 714 kByte 19th May 2001
KAmband 2.0 "Baalzebub"
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Windows 95/98/NT (Mirror) Franklin Bratcher 1193 kByte 21st March 2001
no graphics support
MS-DOS (Mirror) "Gumby"   24th March 2001
KAmband 1.8c
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Mac (PPC) (Mirror) Gob 1389 kBytes 1st June 2000
Mac (68020+) (Mirror) Gob 1330 kByte 1st June 2000

Interesting Links:
Adds alchemy, pets, gods, new classes, races, buildings and terrains to all the cool features from KAngband.

New features in version 1.8c (19th March 2000)

New features in version 1.8b (2nd March 2000)

New features in version 1.6:

Added item hitpoints. Every item has some number of hitpoints, and all attacks that damage inventory will decrease the item's hitpoints instead of outright destroying it. Aritfacts will never get damaged.

Weapons and armor will get damaged out with use! The damage your weapon takes is roughly equal to the amout of damage you do to the monster. Likewise, the damage to your armor is roughly equal to the damage you take.

Added corpses. Monster will now sometimes leave body parts when they die. There are many different body types -- heads, hearts, wings, scales, etc. Also, you can find body parts just laying in the dungeon like regular items. Bady parts will only be generated on appropriate monsters, (that is, no orc wings of death mold heads) but other than that, any non-unique monster except ghosts and elementals can leave a corpse.

The beastmaster building now keeps a list of bounties. You can trade corpses of monsters on the beastmaster's list for gold. The list will be refreshed with the same frequency as shops do.

Added a new class -- the Necromancer. The Necromancer is a spell casting class with just one spell -- raise dead. If you have a corpse, you can put it on the floor and cast ``raise dead'' on it. If you are successful, the corpse will be turned into a pet.

The get_random_line function has been rewritten to store the file in memory instead of opening the file and reading from it each time a random line from the file is requested. This means that character generation, monster names, hallucination, etc. should be significantly faster. (At the expense of memory usage.)

There is now an st_info.txt file, which controls what items get generated in which stores and at what frequencies. Code written by Laurence Withers.

Added a simple ``quest monster'' type quest. The beastmaster will select one monster as a ``quest monster'' whenever the bounty list gets updated. If you then return a set number of corpses of that monster to the beastmaster, you'll get a reward. Be careful -- if you are collecting corpses and the quest monster changes, you won't get any reward for your hard work.

Old review for version 0.6:

Some of the coolest features:

Ghost - a new race for experienced players. He starts at the bottom of the dungeon and makes his way up to town. He can also pass through walls, has permanent light, speed +10, telepathy, and a full map of each level. He doesn't need a special building to learn spells and cannot use "Word of Recall". Ghosts get many identify scrolls. It's VERY hard to survive at 5000 ft as a level 1 player with only the basic equipment. You won't last long if Morgoth happens to be the first monster you encounter. Your only hope is to hide inside the walls and RUN to the stairs up. Beware the new open "wilderness" levels !!!

Beastmaster - a new class, can summon monsters to fight for him. The main stat is charisma - try a High-Elf Beastmaster. This class seems to be too easy, because you get the experience for monsters killed by your pets, and breeders/summoners as pets can generate a huge army for you in no time. I really suggest you to try a Ghost Beastmaster, the charisma sucks, but its fun to get a unique as a pet who summons other pets, who summon more pets, ... and you will gain levels FAST. Btw, it's possible to reach the town with this character - my little sister's character, a Ghost Beastmaster, managed to survive.

Alchemy - you can find ingredients in the dungeon and the alchemy shop and try to create good objects with the right recipe (you already know some recipes when you start you character). But beware, if you fail ...

Munchkin - the race for the cheaters, starts with +15 to all stats, can pass-through-walls, has permanent light, +10 speed, telepathy, and a full map of each level. They automatically identify every item on the floor and get a bunch of great items every 50'. They don't need a building to gain spells, they start around 2500', and gain levels very quickly. Also, the option "cheat_death" is set automatically.

Gods - KAmband adds 16 gods to the atheistic world of Angband. The player can decide to worship a godness if he sacrifices an item on one of the altars scattered around the dungeon. The god may reward the player for the offers with special abilities, resistances or stat-changes. To improve the standing with your god offer him good items on his altars and kill creatures despised by him. This will also give you triple experience for the kill. The god will grow angry and shoot bolts on you, if you kill sacred creatures or don't sacrifice regularly. To learn more about your god use the sacrify command 'O' while not standing on an altar. Sacrifice on an altar of another god to change your religion - but be warned, the abandoned god will punish you for this blasphemy.

Version 0.6 makes it easier to to worship gods with many sacred monsters. If you have high Charisma some of these creatures will be your pets if you find them in the dungeon.

The new Town Guardsman will appear and try to kill you, if you try to kill one of the innocent inhabitants.

The new version also adds two new races, Golem (VERY strong but unbelievable slow), and Leprechaun (very good dexterity but terrible strength, constitution and charisma). The Leprechaun also gets a +10 bonus to speed and causes strange things to happen when attacking monsters. His weird attack is also implemented into new ego-weapons ("of Insanity" and "of the Jesters") and three new artifacts.

The new fighter-class, the Lycanthrope, can turn into a killing machine for a while with the "m" command, but he can't use armor while transformed and will aggravate monsters.

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