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Maximize Mode

by Remco Gerlich

First, stats are rolled without considering race and class. This gives a number in 8-17. The maximum that an internal stat can ever be is 18/100. Now, race/class bonuses and penalties are added. There are two ways to do this.

Non-maximize: This changes your "internal" stat. If you have +1 Str, this acts as if you quaffed 1 potion of Str. This can mean more than a +1 bonus, since stat potions sometimes give a +2 bonus, and above 18 it can give more than a +10 percentile increase. But this only affects your "internal stat", which you can increase with stat potions anyway, so once your stats are maxed at 18/100, no race/class influence on stats will be left.

Maximize: Leaves your "internal" stat intact. If you have +1 Str, this acts as if you've "swallowed" a +1 Str ring. At all times, you'll have a bonus of exactly 1. (internal stat 15 will be 16, internal 18/20 will become 18/30). Because this does not affect the internal stat, it will still have influence on your stats even when they have been maxed with stat potions.


This may be even more clear if you check C-h-h, the third page of the character screen, and observe the effect of race/class bonuses. In maximize, you'll see that they're added in, but in non-maximize they aren't, since they're only used at character creation.

I always play maximize, whatever the character, because I think max stats should be influenced by race/class during the whole game.

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