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Multiclass Angband - Multiband

Current version: 1.1.4 (released: 5th October 2004)

Author: "Wrabhit"

Webpage: http://wrabhit.no-ip.org/multi/multiband.php

Multiband 1.1.4 (5th October 2004)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code "Wrabhit"   [New]5th October 2004
For compilation instructions see my Compile Page. You also may need the graphical tiles (488 kByte) for compiling versions with support for graphics.
Windows "Wrabhit"   [New]5th October 2004
Multiband 1.1.2 (21st March 2004)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Mac (OS X) (Mirror) "pelpel" 692 kByte 13th April 2004
For Mac OS X and OS 8.6--9.2.2 with CarbonLib. Supports sound effects, 8x8 tiles and 16x16 tiles.
Mac (Classic) (Mirror) "pelpel" 976 kByte 13th April 2004
For System 7.0--9.2.2, 68020+ or PPC. Supports sound effects, 8x8 tiles and 16x16 tiles.
Multiband 1.0.6 (18th October 2002)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
MS-DOS (Mirror) "Wrabhit" 528 kByte 16th October 2002
Multiband 1.0.3 (28th June 2002)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Amiga (Mirror) Bablos 600 kByte 24th August 2002

Changes in Multiband:


Yet another variant of Angband. Like we need more. Anyway...

Adds classes (Monk, Berserker, Archer, Illusionist (from Kangband), Trickster, Death Priest.

Added Yeek, Maia, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Kobold, Nibelung. New race : Caveman.

Added easy mode, nightmare mode, astral, hide all character info mode.

Added multiclassing. Can become a new class when all current classses are level 25 or more. XP is divided between all classes usually.

-Misc Changes-


Removed delay from autoroller

Changed default settings of options

Rearranged character info screen

Hidden birth option
       autoroller uses stat descriptions rather than values
       show XP needed for next level like monster health bar
       show attributes, infravision, spell chances like skills are shown
       simplify character info screen
       no self-knowledge allowed
       show hp and mana/piety like monster health bar, with labels
       hide spell information
       do not show how much experience monsters are worth
       do not show how long rods take to recharge
(monster health bar now has a red background)

Nightmare mode
    all monsters have maximum HP and are never generated asleep
    10% chance of monsters being generated in a group
    1/2 chance of inflating monster level, depth monsters CAN appear out of
    more traps
    no connected stairs, and sometimes more than one level is descended
    player aggravates monsters
    player forgets location constantly
    doubles final score

Easy mode
    starts with 500 extra gold, lantern, flasks, scrolls of phase door, id,
    recall and potions of cure serious wounds
    all wearable equipment will be enchanted, but will be worth only 90%
    finds better objects, more chance of finding good and excellent objects
    gets better objects in black market
    halves final score

Astral mode
     start on level 95 of the dungeon with 75 scrolls of identify
     cannot use recall or descend below 97 til surface is reached, then recall
     depth reset to 0 and loses all benefits
     has speed +10, lite, see invis, telepathy. slow digestion and wiz lite
     every level
     can move first when entering a level


Added Wood-Elf and Dark-Elf
Added Caveman - variation of the human
Added Yeek - pathetic at everything but fast learners
Added Nibelung and Kobold
Added Maiar (from Oangband)

Can specify in p_info.txt which missile weapon each race prefers, wood-elfs do
extra damage with bows

Added info on races in birth.txt


Changed the name of Priest to Holy Priest

Added Illusionist (from kangband)
      Mental Barrier spell also gives resistance to confusion
      Shadow Form, Wizard Lock, Invisibility and Summon Shadows spells not
Added Archer (pernband, but no special abilities), penalized for using wrong
      missile weapon, humans can use any missile weapon (racial preference is
      found in p_info.txt)
Added Death Priest (Priest with Death spells)
      Terror, Invisibility and Wraithform prayers not implements
Added Berserker
      Chance to stun monsters, resist fear, sustain strength at level 30, no
      Dex bonus to AC, heroism and berserk strength last twice as long (spells
      and items), recovers from stunning twice as fast
      If character is hit by a killing blow, excess damage is taken from
      mana (hidden), hp is set to 0, and character enters a berserk rage for
      1d3 rounds. Berserker has half normal mana, uses Str as spell stat
Added Monk
      Can use unarmed combat, uses XP level instead of Str and weapon
      weight to calculate number of blows, and starts with 2 (when
      unarmed), damage done and chance of critical hits increase as
      experience is gained

      Has difficulty using weapons, only one attack per round without magic,
      penalty of -10 to hit and damage
      Slow digestion at level 15 and resist confusion at level 30
Added Trickster (Rogue with Illusion spells)

Added info on classes in birth.txt


mattock, wooden club, giant club, large hammer, hand axe, knife, great
scimitar, leather sandals, spiked leather boots, silk gloves, wizard hat,
wooden shield, fur cloak

amulets - hold life, brightness, intelligence, resist electricity,
regeneration, telepathy, persistence

rings - res fear, res conf, res disen, extra attacks (was intelligence),

devices - rod of satisfy hunger, rod of force bolt, rod of force ball, staff of
dispel undead, staff of detect undead, staff of detect animals

scrolls and potions - scroll of protection from undead, potion of telepathy,
scroll of dispel evil, scroll of restore piety, potion of cancellation (remove
most conditions), scroll of mass identify, potion of amnesia

ego-items of magery/holiness/illusion/death, which sustain and increase
relevant spellcasting stat, and decrease chance of spell failure
magery and illusion : small blades (up to 2d5 dmg), quarterstaff and mage staff
holiness and death  : any blunt weapon (also penalizes the opposing realm)
crown of the Magi   : gives a bonus to both magic and illusion spells


Skeletons (the items) now appear as 's' instead of '~'

Combined rings of sustain ability - now they are Str+Dex, Int+Wis and Con+Chr

Amulets and rings of teleport can be activated for phase door, rings of
aggravation can be activated for remove fear, and rings of acid/flames/
ice/lightning can be activated for temporary resistance to the relevant

Can now enchant rings/amulets with enchant to-hit, to-dam, to-AC if relevant

Rods show how many more turns are left till they can be used again

Staff of Holiness also restores piety

Scrolls and staffs of darkness no longer blind the player

Changed format of melee weapons and missiles from (2d5) (+5, +5) to (+5, 2d5+5)

Staff of Cure Light Wounds (1d8) changed to Cure Medium Wounds (2d8)


Armoury now sells Soft Studded Leather
Temple sells Death books (for Death Priest)
Alchemist now sells Scrolls of *Identify*
Magic Shop sells Illusion books

Quality of items in Black Market depends on recall depth


Added Quiver slot

On player info screen where melee and shooting damage is shown, include damage
dice. If weapon is not being wielded, show adjustments only. With a missile
launcher but no useable ammo wielded, show multiplier only. (Unlike (all?)
other *bands, show only the damage done each attack, not each turn)

Increased priest weapon penalties from -2 to -10


Ranger no longer gets access to Magic Missile - starts with missiles anyway

Study display shows how many more spells can be learned

Priest uses Piety, Mage and Illusionist use Mana

Gloves and armor affect failure rates of spells rather than mana
Split up cumber_armor into cumber_armor_wizard and cumber_armor_priest
Armour encumbrance is 300 for magery/illusion and 400 for prayers
Cumber_gloves only affects sfail of magery/illusion
Silk gloves do not penalize spellcasters

Chance to cast spells is decreased if player is stunned, berserking or

When priests fail to recite prayers, damage WIS instead of CON


Added effect of persistence, which means all timed conditions do not time-out,
currently used by an amulet and an ego-item for quarterstaffs

Feather fall prevents player being thrown around by gravity

Added timed effects of stealth, res nether, res disenchantment, sustain body
(str/con/dex), telepathy, protection from undead, and protection from animals
Added timed effects of aggravation, teleportitus, no teleport, fast digestion
and amnesia (occasionally forget where you are).
Added timed lite and timed regeneration

Added an effects counter - how many times have I used each (magic) effect
(idea from angband/64)

Added option to display effects list at tombstone

Most timed effects are now shown on player flag list on character info screen


If below level 50, show XP needed to advance to next level

Cumulative lite

Multicolored messages
    Yellow     	light growing faint and going out
    Red         death, low hitpoint warning
    Light Blue  becoming able to learn more spells, forgetting and remembering
    Light Red   killing monsters
    Light Green gaining or losing a level, winning
--- messages in message memory are still white

Monster memory
- changed 'it a liferating of x' to 'it takes an average x successful blows to
  kill with your current weapon' (based on known weapon damage)
- colored messages - description is slate, creature type in various colors,
  innate attacks, breaths and spells in violet, the message above in light red,
  and 'you feel an intense desire to kill this monster' in yellow

-Multiclass related changes-

multi.c added to Makefiles

Added info on commands in playing.txt and commands.txt
Multiclass help in lib/help/multi.txt, added to help menu

Tombstone shows levels attained in all classes, no longer shows experience
High score list shows that player was multiclassed, does not show classes yet

Info screen rearranged, now shows all classes, as do file dumps

No more support for old savefiles (too many changes have been made)

Currently player begins with one class

Have to gain level 25 in all current classes before another can be added

Humans, Yeeks and Maia can have 4 classes, Half-Elves, High-Elves and
Dunadan can have 3, everyone else is limited to 2

Cannot multiclass with a non-recommended combination of race and class
Not all combinations are allowed - see lib/help/multi.txt

Added command 'N' to create a new class, roguelike command is 'O'
Added wizard command 'N' to create a new class (with less restrictions - can
combine more classes, ignore racial limits and multiclass at level 1
Added commands ']' and '[' to switch forwards and backwards between classes
Inform player when they switch a class

Player is always informed about level changes in XP gaining/losing messages
Experience draining usually affects the class which has the highest level
Effects which restore experience affect all classes
Wizard command 'x' to gain XP gives specified amount to all classes
Wizard command 'e' to adjust stuff asks for XP for each class

Experience is divived between all available classes when using unid-d items,
killing monsters and drinking potions of XP
Monster memory now shows total XP gain, which is split between classes
Only the relevant spellcasting classes get XP from casting their spells
Rogues and Tricksters are the only ones to gain experience from
lockpicking/disarming chests and doors

Attributes are only affected by class bonuses of the first class chosen

HP are calculated using the class which would give the most HP
Use class which gets most blows to calculate how many blows the character gets
Use class which gets fastest psuedo-id
For skills, use best skill (out of all classes)
Activations of devices which look at player level look at the highest level

Study[] display is now cleared if current class cannot learn spells

Mana and Piety regenerate regardless of which class is active


Archer bonuses are gained regardless of which class is active
Gains class intrinstics regardless of which class is active


Priest and archer penalties affect player regardless of which class is active
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