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Angband Music

I'm trying to compile a list of "fitting" music to play while running around in the dungeons of Angband. The current list shows MY favorite songs. If you want to add to it then send me an e-mail and I'll probably include it.

[Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-Earth cover]

Blind Guardian - "Nightfall in Middle-Earth"

An melodic heavy metal album based on the story "The Silmarillion" by J.R.R.Tolkien, and dedicated to him. The four bards from Krefeld (Germany) are big Tolkien fans. The album debuted on the German CD charts at number 7, the highest entry for a metal band in the charts for ages. There is nothing like listening to the tale of Fingolfin's fight with Morgoth while avenging the death of the High-King of Noldor.

[Enya - Paint the Sky with Stars cover]

Enya - "Paint the Sky with Stars"

Enya's Celtic ambient, New Age style music fits very well with Angband, that's why I've included midis from her songs with some of my Angband DOS versions. Paint the Sky with Stars is a "best of" album, give it a try and then run to your record store and buy her other CDs (The Celts, Watermark, Shepherd Moons, and The Memory of Trees).

[Ludwig van Beethoven]

Ludwig van Beethoven

His works, especially "Appassionata" and the nine symphonies, are simply breathtaking.

Carl Orff - "Carmina Burana"

The "Fortuna Imperatix Mundi" is simply beautiful, I like to listen to it over and over again. The other parts are not as good in my opinion.

Gustav Holst - "The Planets"

Many of the modern movie-soundtracks seem to be just remakes of these classical songs. Mars, the Bringer of War is my personal favorite of the tracks.

Subway To Sally

A German band playing folk-metal (metal with medival instruments like bagpipes and fiddles) with German lyrics (the name of the band is misleading). STS is one of the best live-bands and touring through Germany almost all the time. They still had time to create five albums (1994, MCMXCV, Foppt den Dämon, Bannkreis, and Hochzeit) and a new live-album called Schrei! will be released on the 27th March 2000.

Patrice Deceuninck

Patrice Deceuninck fell in love with "The Lord of the Rings" and composed a lot of music inspired by this wonderful story. MP3 files with his beautiful songs as well as Tolkien inspired songs of other musicians can be found at Patrice Deceuninck's homepage and http://www.mi.uib.no/~respl/tolkien/Botr/music.html.

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