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Programmable Angband - PAngband

Current version: 0.1.1

Last update: 19th January 1999

Author: Keldon Jones

Based on: Angband 2.8.3

PAngband 0.1.1
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code (Mirror) Keldon Jones 964 kByte 19th Jan 1999
For compilation instructions see my Compile Page. You also may need the graphical tiles (488 kByte) for compiling versions with support for graphics.
Windows 95/98/NT (Mirror) Robert Rühlmann 935 kByte 24th Feb 1999
Self-extracting archive for easy installation. Supports ASCII mode, 8x8 tiles, Adam Bolt's 16x16 tiles, info windows, and sound.
MS-DOS (386 or better) (Mirror) Robert Rühlmann 1307 kByte 3rd March 1999
Supports ASCII mode, 8x8 tiles, Adam Bolt's 16x16 tiles, info windows, sound, and music.

Interesting Links:
New in version 0.1.1:
Changes from the original PAngband 0.1.1 version to the Windows 95/98/NT:
Notes by Keldon for version 0.1.0:

I've only tried compiling it under UNIX. While it's probably possible to persuade it to compile under Windows or a Mac or something else, it'll almost certainly be a real bitch.

To compile you'll first need to get and install Python. Configure, compile, and install it system-wide. Then edit the Makefile to add an include directory where the Python headers are and add the directory of the "libpython.a" file to the linker flags.

If you didn't understand the above, you should probably wait for a future version, which will hopefully be friendlier about installation. Once you get it compiled and working, there are a few example scripts that you can try out in the examples directory. Each has a README. To use them, copy the files there to the appropriate place in the lib directory. Be sure to remove the lib/data/*.raw files if you change or replace a lib/edit/*.txt file.

If you run into problems that you think I can help with, send me a note. I'll try to be better about replying to mail than I have been recently... (sorry about all that). Since there is no real documentation available yet you're pretty much on your own.

Hope you guys have fun with it and don't have too many problems.

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