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Multiplayer T.o.M.E - TomeNET

[Gandalf (by John Howe)] Current version: 4.2.2, (15th March 2004)

Author: Dark God

Maintainer: "C. Blue"

Webpages: http://www.tomenet.net/, http://www.c-blue.de/rogue.html

Based on: MAngband 0.7.0

TomeNET 4.2.2
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Windows Client "C. Blue"   [New]15th March 2004

Description (from Julian Lighton's Angband Variant FAQ):

TomeNET is a multiplayer, real-time variant of Angband. (See MAngband for details.) It adds unlimited random artifacts, new races and classes, casting defensive spells on other players, revisions to the magic system, and more.

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