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Possessor Angband - PosBand

Current version: 0.3.0-alpha2 (12th October 2004)

Author: Alexander Ulyanov

Homepage: http://posband.earthsea.org/

Based on: NPPAngband 0.3.4

PosBand 0.3.0-alpha2 (12th October 2004)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code Alexander Ulyanov ~1.4 MByte 12th October 2004
Windows Alexander Ulyanov ~900 kByte 12th October 2004
Supports ASCII mode, 8x8 tiles, Adam Bolt's 16x16 tiles, David Gervais' 32x32 tiles, and easily resizeable info windows.
Mac OS X "Gileba" ~700 kByte 19th October 2004

What is PosBand?

(taken from the PosBand homepage)

PosBand doesn't add such radical changes as wilderness or multiple dungeons; instead, it concentrates on two main features:

Possessor class. Possessor cannot use any magic or prayers; instead, he can change his body, reincarnating in bodies of dead monsters, and using their powers. For example, if a possessor incarnates into a blue dragon, he will have bonuses in strength and constitution, but penalties in other stats; resistance or even immunity to lightning, depending on dragon age; greatly increased innate armor class; ability to breathe lightning in various forms. Also, as a dragon, he will be unable to use traditional weapons and most of types of armor. Instead, a dragon body has six ring slots, and innate claw/bite attack. The possessor class was first introduced in ToME.

Monster races. This means that you will be a dragon, elemental, lich or whatever you like from the very beginning. Your body will be able to evolve into more powerful forms. This feature in different forms is available in many variants, for instance, DrAngband (dragons) and EyAngband (angels and demons).

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