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Prfnoff's Angband

Current version: a2.9.1 (1st October 2000)

Author: Prfnoff

Based on: Angband 2.9.0

Prfnoff's Angband a2.9.1
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code (Mirror) Prfnoff   1st October 2000
For compilation instructions see my Compile Page.
Extra files for the Mac versions (Mirror) Prfnoff   1st October 2000
All of the other files for the Mac binaries, including the all-important "lib" folder.
Mac (PPC) (Mirror) Prfnoff   1st October 2000
Mac (68020+) (Mirror) Prfnoff   1st October 2000
Amiga (680x0) (Mirror) Bablos 459 kByte 3rd October 2000

New features in Angband a2.9.1 include the Wood-Elf race from CatHAngband, "Turin mode" for players who want to play the hard way, and various bugfixes.

Changes in Angband a2.9.1 beta

Changes in Angband a2.9.0c

Changes in Angband a2.9.0b

Changes in Angband a2.9.0

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