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Quest Angband - QAngband

Current version: 2.8.2b

Released: 18th November 1997

Author: Heino Vander Sanden

Based on: ???

QAngband 2.8.2b
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code (Mirror) Heino Vander Sanden 1013 kByte 18th November 1997
For compilation instructions see my Compile Page.
Mac (Mirror)   664 kByte 11th December 1997
RISC OS Thomas Harris 583 kByte 22nd June 1999
Requires RISC OS 3 and at least 2 MB memory. For more information look at Thomas Harris' home page.
Amiga (680x0) (Mirror) Bablos 481 kByte 4th July 1999
Supports: 8x8 graphics tile set, sound using xtra/cfg/sound.cfg, common sound assign via AngSound, pull down menu configuration via xtra/cfg/menu.cfg, CGX support.

Angband-Variant with quests, random artifacts and some new magic-items.

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