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Realistic Angband - RAngband

[picture by Angus McBride] Current version: 1.05a

Released: 5th July 1999

Author: Eric Bock

Based on: Angband 2.8.2

RAngband 1.05a
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code (Mirror) Eric Bock 1138 kByte 5th July 1999
For general compilation instructions see my Compile Page.
Windows 95/98/NT (Mirror) Eric Bock 742 kByte 5th July 1999
Amiga (Mirror) Bablos 541 kByte 18th July 1999
Supports: 8x8 graphics tile set; Sound using xtra/cfg/sound.cfg; Previous savefile loading via user/data-ami.prf
Mac (68020+) (Mirror) Prfnoff 673 kByte 7th August 1999
Mac (PPC) (Mirror) Prfnoff 676 kByte 7th August 1999
RAngband 1.05
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
MS-DOS (386 or better) (Mirror) Robert Rühlmann 969 kByte 25th March 1999
Supports ASCII mode, 8x8 tiles, Adam Bolt's 16x16 tiles, info windows, sound, and music.
RAngband 1.04b
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
RISC OS Thomas Harris 552 kByte 19th Feb 1999
Requires RISC OS 3 and at least 4 MB memory. For more information look at Thomas Harris' home page.

Mini Review

by Robert Rühlmann

A variant that tries to make the world more "realistic". Dead monsters now leave skeletons or edible corpses. You can eat much more than in standard Angband and the corpses have various effects on your character. Objects can be much heavier (up to 200,000,000 pounds), so don't try to carry a dead dragon with you! Thieves run instead of 'blink away' and the breath weapons (Time, Gravity, Light, Dark, Confusion, Force, Inertia, Sound) of hounds and dragons have changed. It also has Keldon Jones' improved monster AI.

New in version 1.05:

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