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Current version: 0.2.2

Released: 11th November 1999

Author: Steve Fisher

Webpage: SBFband Page

Based on: ZAngband 2.2.3d

SBFband 0.2.2
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code Steve Fisher 1290 kByte 11th November 1999
For compilation instructions see my Compile Page. You also may need the graphical tiles (488 kByte) for compiling versions with support for graphics.
MS-DOS (386 or better) Steve Fisher 943 kByte 11th November 1999
Windows 95/98/NT Steve Fisher 1450 kByte 11th November 1999
Amiga (Mirror) Bablos 852 kByte 14th November 1999
OS/2 (Mirror) Skylar Thompson 987 kByte 22nd March 2001
SBFband 0.2.1
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Mac (68020+) (Mirror) Prfnoff 988 kByte 27th September 1999
Mac (PPC) (Mirror) Prfnoff 1000 kByte 27th September 1999


by Steve Fisher

SBFband replaces the Zelazny-themed material of Zangband with material drawn from the works of David Eddings (the Belgariad, the Malloreon, etc.) and the anime Record of Lodoss War. It also has some classes improve in stealth with experience, makes the character buy their house(s), and adds new races, artifacts, and ego-items.

NOTE: I am currently looking for quests, towns, vaults, and interesting rooms to add to the next version of SBFband. Send them to Sperlock74@yahoo.com. I'll look at them and will choose some (maybe all!) of them to put into the next version (after minor balancing and other tweaks, if necessary). Credit will be given!

Reported but unfixed bugs

An '&' object has appeared as '(nothing)' (from flavor.c, object_desc function) and is probably related to 'The Unknown Artifact' (from cmd4.c, do_cmd_knowledge_artifacts function) bug that has been reported. This relates to the artifact 'the Amulet of Beldaran.'

SBFband 0.2.1 (September 19, 1999)

SBFband 0.2.0 (June 6, 1999)

SBFband 0.1.0 (May 25, 1999) (Not released to the public)

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