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Angband Screenshots

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Screenshot of the Angband 2.8.3 MS-DOS version with my new graphics and terminal code. The picture shows an Angband vault with Adam Bolt's new tile-graphics.

[DOS Angband Screenshot]

Screenshot of ZAngband on an Amiga. (by Joseph W. Dixon)

[Amiga ZAngband Screenshot]

Screenshot of ZAngband for MS-DOS showing some of the special windows with a "Black Stone" background image. BTW, some of the wall tiles are "Greater Wall Monsters". These bastards move quickly, can pass walls and breed explosively. They are a nuisance and can take over a level REALLY fast.

[DOS ZAngband Screenshot]

Screenshot of ZAngband 2.2.4 for Windows with Adam Bolt's tiles. The picture of the main window was taken with the optimal tilesize of 16x16 pixels. The vault is called the "Greater Castle".

[Greater Castle]

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