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Current version: 0.4.0 (released: 15th February 2005)

Author: Courtney Campbell

Homepage: http://angband.oook.cz/steamband/steamband.html

Steamband 0.4.0 (15th February 2005)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code Courtney Campbell   [New]15th February 2005
Windows Rob Rowe   [New]15th February 2005
Supports ASCII mode, 8x8 tiles, Adam Bolt's 16x16 tiles, and easily resizeable info windows.
Mac (68k) Courtney Campbell   [New]15th February 2005
Mac (PPC) Courtney Campbell   [New]15th February 2005
Mac (OS X) Courtney Campbell   [New]15th February 2005
RISC OS Antony Sidwell   [New]15th February 2005
MS-DOS R. Dan Henry 1161 kByte [New]27th February 2005
Steamband 0.2.2 (10th March 2003)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Amiga (Mirror) Bablos 591 kByte 10th March 2003

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What is Steamband

Steamband is an pulp/Victorian/Steampunk variant. If you've ever wanted to fight your way out of the center of the earth, facing such terrible opponents as Captain Nemo, Jack the Ripper, or the Invisible man, or play an automata, or even a Steam-Mecha, or use strange technological devices and wonders, than Steamband is the variant for you.

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