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Unnamed Angband - UnAngband

Current version: 0.5.5 (7th January 2004)

Author: Andrew Doull

Temporary maintainer: Andrew Sidwell

Homepage: http://unangband.berlios.de/

Based on: Angband 2.9.1

UnAngband 0.5.5 (7th January 2004)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code Andrew Doull 1482 kByte 7th January 2004
Windows Andrew Doull 1632 kByte 7th January 2004
RISC OS Antony Sidwell 958 KByte [New]8th January 2005
Requires the 32bit Shared C Library.
UnAngband 0.5.4c (17th October 2003)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Mac (PPC) (Mirror) Ken Dubuc 1126 kByte 19th October 2003
requires PowerPC-based Macintosh from MacOS 7.5 and later; it will run under Classic on Mac OS X
Mac (OS X) (Mirror) Ken Dubuc 1798 kByte 19th October 2003
"Carbon" port, which runs natively under Mac OS X, and will run under MacOS 8.6 and later with CarbonLib.
UnAngband 0.5.4b (1st October 2003)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Linux (Mirror) "Mucknert" 668 KByte 9th November 2003
For the intel ix86 architecture. Includes GCU- and X11-support.
UnAngband 0.5.4 (31st March 2003)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
MS-DOS Andrew Doull 862 kByte 31st March 2003
UnAngband 0.5.3 (26th October 2002)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Mac (68020+) (Mirror) "pelpel" 826 kByte 26th October 2002
For 68020+. Supports ASCII mode and sound effects.
Amiga (Mirror) Bablos 821 kByte 25th November 2002



Unnamed Angband adds themed rooms and dungeons, including the ability to play in a Lord of the Rings campaign mode where you can explore dungeons from Hobbiton to Mount Doom; a huge number of terrain types; class/style combinations allowing you to specialise your character in a variety of ways; a new spell system; over 500 new monsters and many other changes.

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