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Current version: 0.5.0 (9th July 2004)

Author: Chris Watkins

Homepage: http://pages.prodigy.net/xis/xband.htm

Based on: ZAngband 2.7.2

Xband 0.5.0 (9th July 2004)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code (Mirror) Chris Watkins 2565 kByte [New]9th July 2004
For compilation instructions see my Compile Page.
Windows (Mirror) Chris Watkins 1382 kByte [New]9th July 2004

What is Xband?

(written by Chris Watkins)

XBAND is an Angband variant based off of ZAngband 2.7.2. I made this game to bring new gameplay elements into the world of Angband variants. XBAND features one major new element; that of capturing and raising souls.

What makes XBAND unique?

  1. The soul-gem system. In XBAND, you build your own magical rings and amulets by binding the souls of defeated monsters to jewelry.
  2. The races. In XBAND, you play the part of an nasty monster. You might be an Orc, or a Troll. You aren't fighting to save the world. You are fighting because it's fun.
  3. The auto-ID system. In XBAND, as your characters advance, they gain the ability to evaluate items at a glance. Some classes, like rogues, are very good at this. This helps speed things up in the later parts of the game.
  4. The randart system. In XBAND, every artifact is randomly generated. As you descend deeper into the dungeon, you will find artifacts of greater and greater power.
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