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Hell Angband - HellBand

Current version: 1.0.3 (24th November 2004)

Author: Dean Anderson

Homepage: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/the.other.andersons/

Based on: Cthangband 3.1.2

HellBand 1.0.3 (24th November 2004)
System / Comments Compiled by Size Date
Source code (Mirror) Dean Anderson 1703 kByte [New]24th November 2004
Windows (Mirror) Dean Anderson 1001 kByte [New]24th November 2004
MS-DOS (Mirror) Dean Anderson 1335 kByte [New]24th November 2004
three-panel graphical interface
MS-DOS (Mirror) Dean Anderson 670 kByte [New]24th November 2004
single panel interface without graphics

What is HellBand?

(taken from the HellBand homepage)

Hellband takes its theme from Dante's Inferno. As such, most of the Tolkien influence has been replaced by a Hell motif. Instead of battling down the Pits of Angband to fight Morgoth, you battle down the Circles of Hell to fight Lucifer.

Hellband uses a 'realm' based magic system similar to the one used in Zangband, but also includes many new features of its own.

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