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Angband Spoilers

[Eowyn and the Witch King (7 kByte)] Many people want to have extra information about monsters, artifacts and objects. This pages contains links to various sources of such spoilers. If you want to find out these things by yourself and be surprised when finding something new, then don't look at the spoilers.

Player spells


Other spoilers

[New] Hugo Kornelis updated various spoiler files for Angband 3.0.5: [New] The attack spoilers have recently been updated by Leonard Dickens for Angband 3.0.5.


Some versions of Angband have build-in spoiler generation. To create the spoiler files, activate the debug-mode (press Ctrl-A) and type a double quote ("). Copy the saved files from the lib/user folder to the lib/info folder if you want to access them from the Angband online help.

Enabling debug mode 'marks' the character and you won't be able to make the high-score list with this character. It's best to use it on a new character and kill him (or her) afterwards.

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